TNDMS - The National Diabetes Management Strategy
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DEFINE Program

Diabetes Evaluation Framework for Innovative National Evaluations

Welcome to the DEFINE Program website! In this site you will find a wealth of information about how and why DEFINE was developed, as well as step-by-step instructions about how to apply this diabetes evaluation framework to your program, strategy or initiative. The overall aim of DEFINE is to guide the comprehensive evaluation of diabetes prevention and management, and to facilitate policy innovations in order to improve diabetes care and reduce the clinical and financial burden of diabetes. To accomplish this, the DEFINE Package includes: a Five Step Evaluation Framework, a Determinants of Health Schematic (schematic of the relationships between medical and non-medical determinants of health), a Priority Multi-level Indicator Set to emphasize critical indicators that should be part of most comprehensive evaluations, an All-inclusive Multi-level Indicator Set to facilitate the selection of multi-level indicators related to your specific evaluation question(s) (a complete menu of indicators), and a Table of Associated Measurement Tools.

Our goal
in making this framework available to you is to enable more comprehensive evaluations in the field of diabetes to:
  • Move beyond system performance to explore the relationship between investments/programs and outcomes (i.e. Diabetes Education Centres [DECs], team-based care models, registries, clinical practice guidelines),
  • More accurately measure the impact of investments, and
  • Enable policy makers, government, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions.

We hope that DEFINE will help build the knowledge and evidence needed to improve the Canadian healthcare system.  For simplicity, the term ‘program’ has been used throughout this user-guide to denote any diabetes related initiative, strategy or program.

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